Hot-Stamping Presses

Pneumatic stamping presses for hot-stamping polymers, leather, cardboard, wood and lacquered materials with color foil or as blind stamp.
The standard designs are available in three sizes with or without color foil transport. Exact stamping depends on the embossing temperatures, the pressure and the stamping time.
The embossing temperature is adjusted continuously via a control device up to 250 °C, measured and kept constant by temperature sensors.
The color foil feed is coupled with the press lift. The pressure and embossing time can be adjusted. Heating takes place via heater cartridges, which are attached in the wheel axis with the adjustable embossing tools and in the holder casing with type holders.
The temperature sensors are directly attached to the heater cartridges. All stamping/embossing tools, type holders and embossing stamps can be heated.
Due to the low force requirement of the hot-stamping technique, even difficult and delicate parts can be easily stamped. Hot-stamping presses are suited for the individual labeling of industrial products. Also available in special designs according to customer specifications.


Technical data:

Typ   P1 P2 P3
Pressure at 6 bar kN 4,5 12,5 20
Work lift
(adjustable lift adjustment with precision deep impact)
mm 50 50 50
Air consumption at 6 bar Normalliter/ccm Hub 1,0 2,0 3,2
Work height adjustable
(shaft adjustment)
mm 60–180* (320) 60–180* (320) 60–200
Expansion mm 86 86 130
Tool ram Ø mm 40 40 40
Groove width mm 10 H9 10 H9 10 H7
Table boring Ø mm 20 H7 20 H7 25
Table size mm 150 x 110 150 x 110 200 x 160
Weight ca. kg 44 55 95