Production Program

Embossing tools for indented embossing with a letter height from 0.5 -25 mm

  • Automatic, continuously counting embossing units
  • Key embossing units
  • Combined embossing units (keys and automatic)
  • Quick-adjustable embossing units
  • Embossing units with electronic switching control
  • Embossing units with stepper motor adjustment

Embossing units for the polymer industry

  • Heated embossing units in all designs
  • Heated embossing units with color foil transport to emboss colored numbers

Embossing units for raised embossing

  • Dual-embossing units for signs and badges with a letter height of up to 80 mm

Embossing presses and machines

  • For hand, foot or power operation
  • Complete facilities with cutting tools and automatic material feeds

Embossing stamps, types, type holders

  • Embossing stamps for manual impacting and application in machines
  • Embossing types according to drawing or sample

Sign writing devices

  • For lettering type or capacity signs

Embossing tools are indispensable for marking parts in the vehicle industry, mechanical engineering as well as in the polymer industry.

For special tasks and planning entire facilities

with automatic feeds and cutting tools, contact our technical staff at your convenience.